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Vipassana Insight Meditation's Journal
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Friday, March 26th, 2010
3:35 pm
vipassana video

i have done two 10 day courses so far. one in 2007 and one in 2009. i enjoyed them both very much...and i made this video about some of my thoughts on it.

DaDa-n-GoddessKRING about my vipassana


speaking about my vipassana meditation experience...in my unique way...DaDa-n-GoddessKRING
Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
1:58 pm

I did my 10 day this time last year plus I have done a 1 dayer since as well. I am finding myself remembering everything I went thorugh and missing it, not sure whay we would all talk about however willing to give it a try.
Friday, March 14th, 2008
3:54 pm
sitting ideas
I found that the most important part is making meditation comfortable and extremely convenient.

A quiet, cool, open room with low lighting is best. At the very least, quiet. The mind is distracting enough by itself, so eliminating as many outside distractions as possible is necessary.

I have found general agreement among old students that the one hour in the morning should be done as soon as possible after waking up. I find it is best for me to hit the pillow right after I wake up, and after going to the bathroom. I suspect that my mind starts to store up distracting thoughts as soon as it wakes up, so the sooner the better.

Get a good pillow! Nothing worse than a bad one. I have used this (http://www.yoga.com/store/product.asp?SID=1&Product_ID=2267) one for about a year and I love it. Expensive, but well worth it.

I like to drink green tea if I find myself falling asleep while meditating. Green tea has just the right amount of caffine so that it doesn't make me jittery, but has enough to knock off the edge of drowsiness. I think that is why the Tibetan monks like it so much.

Get one of these(http://www.invisibleclock.com/). I setup mine so that all I ever have to do is press one button, and a timer counts down from 1 hour. At the end, it gives a short, soft vibration (it's clipped on my pants). I started out using an alarm clock, which would scare me terribly at the end of the hour :) Also expensive, but I think indispensable. Not having to fiddle around with timers every time makes sitting down to meditate very simple. Also, since it is clipped on my pants, I can't peek at the time, and I can promise myself to go until it buzzes.

Read books by Jack Kornfield, before or after or just during the day. He is a contemporary vipassana meditation instructor, so I find him inspiring like Goenka but easier to understand ;) Reading good stuff is so necessary. I feel so ridiculous, sometimes, when I realize that I have completely forgotten the simple teachings, even when I have felt, over and over again, their benefits. My mind is so profoundly distracted. It is good to have a gentle, reassuring reminder often.

Also, make sure you push your hips forward when you sit, to keep the slight curve in the lower back. I find that it is a little unnatural at first, but after just a little while my back seems to lock into place, and I can meditate in great stability without any pains, or even my legs falling asleep, for as long as I want, even longer than an hour. (actually, that is also about focus, but if you don't have good posture than focus is also harder.)

Finally, find a vipassana group to meditate with, or at least a meditation group of some tradition. I live on a small island, but I go to a Tibetan temple once a week for short meditations, and it helps a lot. I suspect that zen centers (which are all over the place) would be good places too.

Monday, February 11th, 2008
7:53 pm
the habit of daily meditation
I'm having a hard time sticking to this habit. It never lasts more than 2 days. What have you done to help you maintain daily meditation?
Monday, February 4th, 2008
6:08 pm
I went to a 10 day session 2 years ago. Man has it been that long. Anyhow, I am determined to start walking the path. One step at a time. It would be great so share this journey with other old students.

I hope to see more faces around here =)

Current Mood: optimistic
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